The Perfume that I most wanted to wear!

“Let’s go we are getting late for the party,” I ruffled to Mr. walking shoes. Though I was not in the mood for a party but decided to join our flock.

“Let’s just watch a movie”, he said, while waiting for our friends to join us but without any second thought, I agreed.

That night we dimmed the light, and lied down, staring into each other’s eyes. His sharp eyes spelt love – it’s not that he lied but his half squished face, stretching a smile on the pillow forced me to love him even more.

“I like this scent of your body”, he said while caressing my face. The ardent touch of his hands was warm enough to love my soul. I’ll trade a million lifetimes to hold his hand and freeze those seconds.

It was 11 PM on some wintery night when we bumped into each other and kissed. I took a long breath and hugged him tightly to inhale his fragrance because it was the only brand of Perfume that I most wanted to wear.

​1000 thoughts under the blanket!! 

“Hold on Darling, you must stay calm”

I am mad about him in a way that makes me appear idiotic in my own eyes, which are filled with hope and desire.

when I stare into his eyes, I feel like somewhere inside, I can find the key to his heart.

when I am with him, the whole world vanishes and I feel complete in a way that I could never experience with anyone else.

when I make him laugh, my whole body silently explodes with ecstasy that myself did not even know existed.

when our bodies touch, it is not only the physical but also the soul that touches, leaving me in a trance-like state of euphoria.

I want to jump into his arms and squeeze him, yet i remain self-controlled to not reveal my insane fervour towards him.

“Hold on Darling, you must stay calm”
I say to myself every night under the Blanket. Thoughts between 12 am and 6 am have a funny habit of making me feel like an idiot. It’s the hours when I feel like I’m  either on top of the world or under it.
“You don’t know how it feels like darling,” I say to myself in morning under the  Blanket with teary eyes.

Mslazyboots in Himalayas

The more you document your life, the more you check in, you tweet, you blog, you capture moments, the more you do all of this stuff, the more you make stories out of it, and if you do that much, you became a spectator to your own life.

The Himalayas, from a mountain range in Asia.

The Himalayas include over fifty mountains, and I got a chance to climb Mount Chandrashila, Uttarakhand, India. a few days back.

“Moon Rock” – Mt. Chandrashila, the summit of the Tungnath.

Chopta Campsite. The small village of Meadows and evergreen forest area and Mini Switzerland in winter.

Sari Village – Base Camp at a height of 6554 feet.

Sari Village – Base Camp

Srinagar, Uttarakhand – Near Rudraprayag

Rudraprayag is one of the Panch Prayag (Five confluences) of Alaknanda river, a Hindu holy town.


Mslazyboots in ancient India 😍

This March I had a chance to visit old Delhi, India

Humayun’s Tomb !!

Maqbara e Humayun

One of the most beautiful tomb !!

Inspired by Persian architecture, The tomb of the Mughal Emperor Humayun is a unique combination of red sandstone and White marble. The double storeyed structure, octagonal chambers and arched lobbies of the mausoleum is beyond imagination.

Intriguing patterns of Lal Qila

The Red Fort is a historical fort in the city of Delhi, India. Residence of the emperors of the Mughal dynasty for nearly 200 years.

Constructed in 1639 by fifth Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

Heritage  Wanderlust

Uproot and replant ! 

There is always another chance.


Let’s uproot from the past and replant ourselves.

Let’s uproot guilt and plant forgiveness.

Let’s uproot ego and seed kindness.

Let’s uproot hate and love endless.

Let’s uproot negativity and spread solidity.

Let’s uproot and grow again.


who’s living in your zip code ?

Have you ever felt that bond after reading a book that you wish to revisit that book again and again for an escape from everyday life??

When you fall in love with a book, do you fall for beautiful words or do you fall for that amazing writer?

Have you felt your conscience falling in love with the book?

Have you ever felt that your life would have been better if it had been from the book you read or at least some instances?

Have you ever mended your soul from the phrases and sentences of the book?

Do you ever carve the words in your subconscious mind to get inspired?

Have you felt another eternal world living inside you?

Have you ever felt a book???

Is there anyone else living in your Zip code ??