​In the middle of an adventure, some thoughts !!!

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” said Helen Keller.
Our settled way of thinking might work or would be against us. So, now and then we need to pause and examine which way our life is heading. After all, if we don’t change our direction, we will end up where we are heading.
The secret of life is realising that it is a great adventure in the long run, however boring or routine it may seem at the moment.

One such moment I had while trekking with a bunch of friends.

I sat down for 10 minutes to rest after climbing 14-15 Kms,  besides local trek guide BhupendraSinghji (We used call him Bhupiji) (Here I have plucked out Bhupiji from today’s Morden society as he knows nothing about our busy Morden life.)
Eventually, I asked him to know how his experience of climbing mountain will differ from mine? In my eyes, the journey was exhausting and devilish form of torture. During the entire route I felt tired and dehydrated, but somehow managed to enjoy beautiful mountain ranges, snow covered hills and scenic little Himalayan Houses.

He said, “I have climbed this mountain so many times in my life with different people and each time I’ve felt different when I see mountain ranges, river, steep walking trails into mist, these things makes me alive each day and motivates me to climb higher to live the nature. Though travelling with tourists is the only income source I have in mountains.”

And that time I failed to understand the nature and life. That day I realised that it is no different with life. I have yet to learn that life is an adventure but mistakenly believed that it is a victim of circumstances, condemned to a life of suffering. But I guess when I’ll understand the nature of life, everything will change.

Can a 14-15 km’s hike be exciting without steep twists and turns, rocks and hills, snow and mud, sweat and spine chilling cold? Just like that, I guess neither can life be exhilarating unless there are challenges to face and hurdles to surmount.

Adventures don’t fight and struggle but choose to go with flow.

Adventures don’t hide their emotions like rainbows; they burst into colour and express full range of feelings.

Thoughts I had couple of days back while travelling (Trekking from Deoriatal to Chopta to climb Mt. Chandrashila, Uttarakhand but couldn’t made it to the peak)

The thought embedded here is inspired by someone very special, who always tell me take things lightly.


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