Human Library

“How are we to understand each other, if we do not have the opportunity to talk to each other?” – Ronni AbergelInventor of the Human Library

It is said that everyone has their own story, but unless you open the book and start reading you never actually know what the story is.

Keeping in this mind, back in the year 2000, Ronni Abergel and his brother Danny and colleague Asma Mouna and Christoffer Erichsen started a Human Library as a project in Copenhagen, where people can borrow human to read and talk.

The Human Library ™ aims to establish a safe conversational space, where difficult questions are expected, appreciated and hopefully answered by the Human Book on loan.
It was developed to challenge societal prejudices wherever and for whatever reasons they occur, and to help people form a better understanding of those with whom they share their communities.

when I came across the idea of Human Library on Social Media, I got so surprised by the idea of borrowing human on loan to read. so I decided to open it in Surat, Gujarat, India after taking official permission from Human Library Organisation.

so I started preparation to set up Human Library but the journey was never easy. what glued me to make this possible was love for the diverse culture of India.  India is one of the most diverse lands found anywhere else in the world. From language to dressing-style, the country has been hailed as one of the most complex amalgamations of various cultural identities. A large number of different cultures, knitted together in such a close and perfect manner, make India’s diversity one of the wonders of the world.

But to live in a world’s biggest democratic country like India, where language and lifestyle change at every step, we need to be able to talk without any insecurities in a very calm manner. and it is possible only when we can talk about it in our community.

1st postSo here I am with the Hunan Library Surat version to help people learn to appreciate others as a different idividual, understand social prejudices and stereotypes while listing to their experiences. you can check out here for more information

you can check out here for more information  the original concept here and my

The original concept here

“Real People, Real Conversation”



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  1. sowms says:

    This is a very interesting concept. Is anyone doing this in Bangalore ?

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    1. Our Community members are working on that but i don’t have exact dates. I will let you know soon. Thanks

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  2. gcmediain says:

    Interesting thing to start a human library ,are people are coming forward to take this kind of loan.Just asking

    Similarly,We had posted a blog on How millennials could be targeted by business on Instagram as it is the medium which is used them by most for sharing visuals with the community

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    1. Yes, People are really coming forward for this kind of an event. and we are getting good response. and also coming forward to become a book so that readers can read their stories and can interact face to face.

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      1. gcmediain says:

        We would like to visit this,it sound so much interesting where we can find one happening ?


        1. Its happening in more than 70 cities of all around the world. We are having our event in Surat, Gujarat, India.
          Where are you from ?


        2. gcmediain says:

          We are based in Delhi India

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        3. oh, one of our community member is planning to open it in Delhi as well, so i’ll let you know the dates and all.

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        4. gcmediain says:

          Thanks for the lead.

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