Trip of wonders

The best relationship is the one that you have to yourself. So I took a pre wedding ‘solomoon’ to Bali all by myself with strangers from around the world with @indtravel and it wast the best decision ever.

While planning a wedding, I realised that alone time ends when you step out of the shower.

I’m incredibly fortunate to have had this opportunity and that not everyone can jet off on an international vacation, especially in the middle of planning a series of events.

There were the lazy, sun-soaked days at the beach, boozy dinners filled with conversation, and the peaceful, still mornings where everything was pin-drop quiet. It was the best days of being just me.

I made some amazing friends and it was certainly a trip down memory lane. I’ve met people who were just friends for few hours or days and we’ll never see each other again. But I consider them friends for the time we spent and the fun we had.

This trip helped me honor my solo side. It made me realise the importance of ‘me time’. I learned to internalise my thoughts.

There were moments of awareness I can’t even put into words. I was afraid, but today I feel sense of fulfillment that I’ve made it.

Every positive thing within me now, I owe to this solo trip and hopefully one day I will also learn to become the source of my own happiness.

Wonderful Indonesia

Trip of wonders

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  1. sowms says:

    Lovely writing and it’s very important to spend time with oneself and do things you wish to do.

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    1. Thank you and yes very true.


  2. I hope you’re still able to find some alone time after your married! Surely your future husband will need some too?

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    1. Haha yes absolutely right

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