​1000 thoughts under the blanket!! 

“Hold on Darling, you must stay calm”

I am mad about him in a way that makes me appear idiotic in my own eyes, which are filled with hope and desire.

when I stare into his eyes, I feel like somewhere inside, I can find the key to his heart.

when I am with him, the whole world vanishes and I feel complete in a way that I could never experience with anyone else.

when I make him laugh, my whole body silently explodes with ecstasy that myself did not even know existed.

when our bodies touch, it is not only the physical but also the soul that touches, leaving me in a trance-like state of euphoria.

I want to jump into his arms and squeeze him, yet i remain self-controlled to not reveal my insane fervour towards him.

“Hold on Darling, you must stay calm”
I say to myself every night under the Blanket. Thoughts between 12 am and 6 am have a funny habit of making me feel like an idiot. It’s the hours when I feel like I’m  either on top of the world or under it.
“You don’t know how it feels like darling,” I say to myself in morning under the  Blanket with teary eyes.