An epitome of imagination

He stares at the sky like he’s hallucinating,

Sometimes he is dancing in a daydream or other time it feels like he is carrying the weight of the whole world,

He analyses everything, dream endlessly. There is a tremendous world inside of him. It’s there beneath his skin, murmuring in his veins to start new adventures,

One day he’s magic and another day he’s an illusion.

Paragon of imagination.

Chinese love !

I love China !!!

Why ??

First of all let me tell you that i have never been to China.

But China fascinates me like really really really  !! It’s in the list of my favorite countries to visit.

So after the wait of 3 years I finally got a chance to learn language and I went for it. It’s been two weeks now and so many people are asking me only one question

Why China ??? Why ? Why ?

So here’s a friendly clarification for my Chinese love and why I’m learning Chinese.

1. Professional need (Strong enough reason)

2.Chinese culture, ancient architecture, movies, Han Fu (Traditional dress), calligraphy, dragon dance, Kung fu, blue and white pottery, the great Wall of China fascinates me.

3. And an endless Love for panda of course.
Was I Chinese in my past life ??? I don’t know !!! Hehe
Plz don’t boycott me for my Chinese love 😂😁

Its a world Chinese day !