An epitome of imagination

He stares at the sky like he’s hallucinating,

Sometimes he is dancing in a daydream or other time it feels like he is carrying the weight of the whole world,

He analyses everything, dream endlessly. There is a tremendous world inside of him. It’s there beneath his skin, murmuring in his veins to start new adventures,

One day he’s magic and another day he’s an illusion.

Paragon of imagination.

An opaque thought !!! 

An Infinite sea,

The nebulous Feeling,

An endless space,

The Misty dreams,

An eternal love,

The quaking earth,

The limitless sky,

The screaming silence,

The fathomless emotions,

I longed not to exist, but life is here, a translucent Crystal, an earth revolving on its own axis.

Some Opaque Feelings !!!