An epitome of imagination

He stares at the sky like he’s hallucinating,

Sometimes he is dancing in a daydream or other time it feels like he is carrying the weight of the whole world,

He analyses everything, dream endlessly. There is a tremendous world inside of him. It’s there beneath his skin, murmuring in his veins to start new adventures,

One day he’s magic and another day he’s an illusion.

Paragon of imagination.

The Perfume that I most wanted to wear!

“Let’s go we are getting late for the party,” I ruffled to Mr. walking shoes. Though I was not in the mood for a party but decided to join our flock.

“Let’s just watch a movie”, he said, while waiting for our friends to join us but without any second thought, I agreed.

That night we dimmed the light, and lied down, staring into each other’s eyes. His sharp eyes spelt love – it’s not that he lied but his half squished face, stretching a smile on the pillow forced me to love him even more.

“I like this scent of your body”, he said while caressing my face. The ardent touch of his hands was warm enough to love my soul. I’ll trade a million lifetimes to hold his hand and freeze those seconds.

It was 11 PM on some wintery night when we bumped into each other and kissed. I took a long breath and hugged him tightly to inhale his fragrance because it was the only brand of Perfume that I most wanted to wear.