A thunderstorm of thought

Like a bright sun, you burst into my life but the sky is grey tonight thunder rolling over me every tear is like a tsunami every whisper is like an explosion I can feel your thoughts, loud and cold like a thunderstorm and I want you to crash them on the invisible shore tonight let’s leave…

​Transient love

You came like a sudden flash of lightning and disappeared. I waited. The flower bloomed and faded. The sun rose and sank. I waited. Transient love

So, go create

Wake up and laugh like a hyena, Take photographs and make memories of life, Write journals and pour your heart out, Dance in the rains like there’s no one watching you, yes sing in the bathroom, Dream endlessly, love fearlessly, yes fly high like a superman, make your life, be your art, so, go explore and Create

An epitome of imagination

He stares at the sky like he’s hallucinating, Sometimes he is dancing in a daydream or other time it feels like he is carrying the weight of the whole world, He analyses everything, dream endlessly. There is a tremendous world inside of him. It’s there beneath his skin, murmuring in his veins to start new…

You’re always in my thought

On the afternoon after a spring rain, I lay down and think of you my heart pounds fast as I breathe I crave your Tender kiss.

Those Days

The cold Crisp winds The morning fragrance The golden sunlight trickling through window The mushy kiss The sweet cuddle The warmth of your hug The first sight of your mesmerising eyes The early morning chuckles The smell of your aroma The soul-soothing view outside your window The smell of a coffee and Garlic bread Those…

Momentary Qualm

I had a strange dream last night, ghost and silhouettes, waiting for me in an empty room, heart full of wildfires burning, saying ‘I love you’ to my favourite human one last time they shouted, ”Wake up” and I lied in bed, trembling. Sigh… ‘Nightmare’ – Qualm

Bookshelf of thoughts !!!!

I am feeling you in a dream, a place you can stay forever, The quiet in the morning before either of us speak Your hand in my hands, I want to build a bookshelf for all your thoughts I wouldn’t know the first thing about starting, But you want me to learn cooking (Cake, ice…

It’s a Pink Pink world

It’s a Pink Pink world I feel pink, I speak pink I dream pink, I cry pink I crave pink, I ruminate pink But now I’m being paranoid …! I know what Pink is all about.  A fantasy world, A world of illusion. But that’s alright, That’s okay because it’s hallucination. 

Temporary Love

The day I fell in love Was the day you told me, You didn’t feel the same. That even though it was nice, I didn’t inspire you Or make your heart stop. The day I fell in love Wasn’t some beautiful perfect day. It was cloudy and murky A stench of things rotting. There was…

Are your emotions under control ?

No, I try to Control my emotions pretty well, I try but fail miserably! I try to hide my feelings but forgot that my eyes can speak, but when you come around they’re all over the place. But sharing thoughts is the most intimate things that can happen between us. Sometimes I cling to the…

​1000 thoughts under the blanket!! 

“Hold on Darling, you must stay calm” I am mad about him in a way that makes me appear idiotic in my own eyes, which are filled with hope and desire. when I stare into his eyes, I feel like somewhere inside, I can find the key to his heart. when I am with him,…