Mrs funnybones – Twinkle Khanna

I was dying to read this book because of good reviews but was lazy enough to go to the store or to order it online. So while travelling when I was getting bored and waiting for my flight at Kochi airport I decided to get this one from a book store.

I started with a curiosity and oh boy … it was a fun read and finished it in less than 30 hours, because of 235 pages.

So the book is all about the random, funny incidents of the everyday life of a former actress turned interior decorator turned writer with husband, children’s, mother, mother – in – law, friends and of course neighbours of the author – Twinkle Khanna.

A very light read which kept me engaged because of a simple and funny style of writing. This book definitely made me laugh.

Note: Do not read in the hope of reading a novel or an autobiography.

Norwegian Wood – Haruki Murakami

“Toru: What happens when people open their hearts?
Reiko: They get better.”

A depressingly beautiful novel I have read so far. I read it while travelling in train, bus, cab with so much interest that my fellow passengers had to tell me about my stations.

A story of love and loss from the perspective of Toru Watanabe. A successful, 37-year-old businessman, hears a version of the Beatles’ Norwegian Wood, and the music takes him back 18 years to his college days, the story dwells in sadness after the death of his best friend Kizuki. later he developed feelings for two different girls Naoko, Kizuki’s girlfriend, beautiful yet emotionally damaged and Lively Midori.

An amazing story of young love, I did not expect to like it that much.

And yes movie adaption is also really good.

An afternoon made from happiness

There was a scent of petrichor and chocolate ice cream within the air,

a simple day and a drop of Heaven.

looking into his eyes, a perfect bliss,

lying down, the monsoon serenity making him blush,

Grasping one another’s hand,

Vowing to never let go.

plucking a piece of an afternoon to cherish it forever.


Temporary Love

The day I fell in love

Was the day you told me,

You didn’t feel the same.

That even though it was nice,

I didn’t inspire you

Or make your heart stop.

The day I fell in love

Wasn’t some beautiful perfect day.

It was cloudy and murky

A stench of things rotting.

There was no sunshine

No silver lining or rainbows.

The day I fell in love

I felt like drowning.

My chest hurt like crazy,

Eyes itching from rubbing,

My bones collapsing on itself,

Blood leaking into crevices.

The day I fell in love

I remembered the little stuff.

When you touched me it was amazing, I never knew that I had so many nerve endings.

How you grabbed my hair,

How you tasted on my lips,

How you felt against my skin.

I revered every little thing.

The day I fell in love

I didn’t hurt me,

Just because you did.

I didn’t cut myself

Or make me sick,

I stopped myself in time.

The day I fell in love

I stood in front of the mirror

And looked at me.

The black hair you liked.

The lips you kissed.

The curves you touched.

The day I fell in love

I loved my hair for its smell.

I loved my lip for its smile.

I loved my curves for its softness.

I loved my scars for its memories.

I loved me.

The day I fell in love

I realised that

I didn’t need to inspire you.

I needed myself to create me.

The first time I fell in love

Was the day you broke my heart.

Temporary Love


Mslazyboots in ancient India 😍

This March I had a chance to visit old Delhi, India

Humayun’s Tomb !!

Maqbara e Humayun

One of the most beautiful tomb !!

Inspired by Persian architecture, The tomb of the Mughal Emperor Humayun is a unique combination of red sandstone and White marble. The double storeyed structure, octagonal chambers and arched lobbies of the mausoleum is beyond imagination.

Intriguing patterns of Lal Qila

The Red Fort is a historical fort in the city of Delhi, India. Residence of the emperors of the Mughal dynasty for nearly 200 years.

Constructed in 1639 by fifth Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

Heritage  Wanderlust